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Home / Product range / Reusable gel patches for the skin aroud the eyes WOW Eyes

Reusable gel patches for the skin aroud the eyes WOW Eyes

Reusable gel patches for the skin aroud the eyes WOW Eyes фото - 1 Reusable gel patches for the skin aroud the eyes WOW Eyes фото - 2 Reusable gel patches for the skin aroud the eyes WOW Eyes фото - 3 Reusable gel patches for the skin aroud the eyes WOW Eyes фото - 4
R 695.00
2 gels in a pack
  • 2 gels in a pack
Product code: 0012
Made in: South Africa
Sales in: 30 countries
Efficiency: clinically proven
Characteristics WOW Eyes:
  • improves elasticity
  • removes swelling
  • removes under-eye bags
  • removes dark circles under eyes
  • removes appearance of crow’s feet
  • improves skin tone
  • soothes the skin
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Hydrolyzed rice bran proteins and soy protein improve blood circulation in eyelids, reconstructs collagen-elastin matrix and reduces tissue swelling

Oxidoreductase reduces the number of free radicals and, as a consequence, minimizes inflammatory processes, which leads to visible under-eyes bags reduction

Aloe leaf extract has purifying, homeostatic and nutritious properties on tender skin around the eyes

WOW Eyes are gel patches for around eye skin which target puffiness, eye bags and dark circles under the eyes. The mask removes the “Tired eyes” syndrome in several minutes. WOW eyes is a daily professional care for the eye contour area. The mask promotes skin firmness and tone, effective at reducing the appearance of wrinkles and has a smooth-skin effect. The patches are reusable (up to 7 applications). It is recommended to use them within 2 weeks after opening and store them in a cool dry place.

The mask is ideal for use on the eve of important events or activities when you want to look at all 100%! Thanks to the special patches storage container it is very convenient to reuse them and take them along on a holiday.

 Clinical studies conducted in London (REDERM WOW EYES RESEARCH, LONDON, ANITA ELLIS BSc [Hons] RNutr I.H.B.C., 2016) showed an increase in skin hydration after the first use to 82%, after the 7 days course the average hydration level grew to 71,79%.

How to use the product correctly

cleanse and dry your face

remove gel patches out of the transparent insert

gently press them onto the closed eyes

leave for 5-20 minutes

remove the patches from your eyes and place them back into the container ( store them in cold dry place)

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