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Home / News / Care for the lips in the cold season

Care for the lips in the cold season

14 Nov 2016

In a girl, two things should be beautiful: a look and lips, because she can fall in love with a look, and with her lips she can prove that she loves. " © Marilyn Monroe

In the cold season, for the lips, active care and protection are especially necessary. The abundance of capillaries and nerve endings located at the surface, makes the lips very sensitive and vulnerable, so with minor damage they often bleed. Because of the temperature drop: dry warm air in the premises, cold and wet outside, and here's the result - dry flaky lips. To maintain tone, youth and splendor, you need to adhere to certain rules of care.

Care for the lips in the cold season фото - 1

Daily care for the lips

In the morning on the lips it is necessary to apply the day cream, which you use for the face. The coating of the lips with cream will avoid the discoloration, which leads to the daily use of colored lipsticks.

During the day, try not to lick your lips, as they immediately become of a irborne. Regularly apply hygienic lipstick or balm. In severe frosts it is better not to paint lips with glitter or lipstick with the effect of moistening - the wax in their composition freezes, as a result, the lips are overdried.

In the evening, remove the make-up cosmetics with a mild means for make-up remover, greasy cream or olive oil. At night, apply a nourishing cream.

Care for the lips in the cold season фото - 2

If the lips are heavily soiled, they began to peel off, then they must be treated with a special soft scrub or wipe with broths of herbs, for example, chamomile or calendula. Remember that you can not rip off the crust. After softening procedures, she will leave your lips.

Just like the skin of the face, the dermis of the lips needs deep moisturizing and nourishment. To do this, once or twice a week, apply on your lips a mask. They should contain herbal, antiseptic components, regenerants, hyaluronic acid, waxes, panthenol and oils. Such a composition helps to smooth the skin, make the lips soft, restore their freshness and elasticity.

The state of the skin of the lips is affected by the lack of certain substances. Most often, it's vitamins K, A, E and B vitamins. Therefore, to take care of your lips in winter, take a vitamin complex that will prevent dryness, dehydration and cracks!

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